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  • From: Dale Raby <daleraby@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 06:22:07 -0600

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On Sunday 31 March 2002 21:53, you wrote:
> I'm out of town for the weekend and come back only to find the group
> bickering once again?  This is nuts, folks.
> I'm also rather confused as to why nobody's using the forum.  I realize it
> has its slow times, but it seems to be reliable enough for this group.  Why
> do we have 20 million messages here and only 374 on the forum?  Why are 10
> members of this group NOT EVEN SIGNED UP?  I had thought the forum was our
> primary form of communication.  Do I need to take it down?
> I suggest we stop all work, stop all the flaming and reorganize this group
> from top to bottom.  I think we should suggest to Michael that the creative
> team be split up into seperate teams:  an icon team, an advertising team, a
> backgrounds team, a sounds team, etc ... each team having its own
> leadership.  I think this group has grown FAR to large for Guy to handle
> alone and has FAR too many people with varying ideas on how things work.
> Certainly these groups should communicate, as we cannot have anything
> looking different from anything else, but I do believe we need to split up.
> Any suggestions?  And once again, please take this to the forum.
> Andrew

Nuts is correct.

Confusion I can help with.  I have tried repeatedly to view the forum and 
have only once even been able to get the index page up.  As far as 
registering and logging in... haven't been so fortunate as of yet.  If this 
is typical,  I can well understand why people are not using the forum... I am 
amazed that anyone is using it at all.  There is a suggestion out there to 
use my own domain name to host the forum on my bbs.  The url is 
http://www.thegreenbayweb.com/forums.  I have created an experimental forum 
for us... listed down near the end.  I gather though, that the forum will be 
moving soon anyway.

Splitting up... well, I suppose that would be one approach... but all the 
bickering would just be moved to different locations.  People need to learn 
how to work together... not an easy thing to do.  An established "chain of 
command", and possibly some clear instructions might help as well.  Not all 
of us... and I include myself here... have ever worked on a project like 
this.  We don't really know what to do.  I am primarily a photographer.  What 
would you like a picture of or a what would you like the image to illustrate? 
 If somebody would like a tiny photograph of a 1930's vintage radio to use 
for an icon on a sound application...  can do.  Where do I send it?  You want 
a closeup of a dangerous predator to use for wallpaper?  No problem, it'll 
just take a day or so at the zoo with a long lens... instant snarling feline. 
 Nudes?  Even that is a possibility.

Some of you are old pros at this... though I don't think anything like this 
has ever actually been done before the way we are doing it.  Those of us who 
are not old pros need some direction.  A forum that can actually be accessed 
and used would be useful as well.

Good luck with this.  A fire extinguisher might be useful, though.

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