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  • From: Jiin Yaroon <saderon@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <openbeos-cdt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 18:12:26 +0100

Hello Stuart and the CDT Folks,

well, i changed my Computer System from PC now to an older Apple PowerMac
and had to search for the right programs for it. Now i'm ready, 'cause i
have Adobe Photoshop Elements for graphics. For the next days i will see to
have a Page open with my logo suggestions.
So have a nice weekend &

greetings from germany

> I posted this on the forum but received only two replies.  Therefore I'm
> hoping this mailing list will catch a few more people still interested on
> working in this group.  The only difference between the forum post and this
> one is the date I want replies by.
> Stuart McCoy
> mailto:stubear@xxxxxxxxx
> http://www.meltingcrayons.com/stubear
> ---------------------------
> Before I get to the announcement I want to establish a few things before
> this group moves forward. I realize that there a lot of people who want to
> help work on this project. I also realize that many of you have little or no
> experience on design projects. As much as I'd like to let everyone get
> involved, I need to ensure the integrity of this project remains intact by
> setting some guidelines and expectations.
> For icons, logos and sound teams I want to ensure that the people working in
> these teams know what they are doing. Icon design is a very precise art and
> to maintain a consistent look and feel with applications, the GUI and each
> other require a fair amount of skill. I plan to invite some icon creators to
> submit some work for consideration once we have a name. Guidelines will be
> set per project (i.e. icons will be 16x16, 32x32 and have 256 color and
> 32-bit color versions of each size.) Once you find out what group you will
> be working in you will get a list of guidelines and more specific
> expectations for the final pieces.
> I'm fairly critical of sound design because of my background in audio
> engineering (I have a BS in Recording Industry Management: Production and
> Technology). I think Claudius has made some headway in this area but I'd
> like to see this kicked up a few notches. The space sounds were a start in
> the right direction.
> Logos are my passion. As a graphic designer (MFA in Graphic Design) I tend
> to enjoy working on these projects the most because I like the challenge of
> creating visual puns. This is one of the most important design elements this
> group will create because it will establish the OS brand with the community
> and eventually, hopefully, a larger audience outside the immediate BeOS user
> community. I'm sure web sites like OS News and Slashdot will be overly
> critical of whatever we do so the less of a reason to be this way, the
> better.
> That being said, I want to make sure that everyone is working on projects
> they are capable of working on. The programming teams don't want
> inexperienced hackers working on the Kernel. I don't want inexperienced
> people designing icons and logos. You are more than welcome to comment and I
> find some comments from non-designers to be quite helpful. They often see
> things in a completely different way.
> I can't promise anything but I know there is a discussion about how much
> user customization will be allowed and to what extent this will affect the
> UI. I'm personally hoping for something akin to the MacOS 9 Appearance
> engine and icon customization. What this means is you will have more than
> enough of an opportunity to show your work off to the community through
> sites like DeviantArt or those of your own making. Keep in mind that this
> will be the default appearance that we are designing. What the user sees
> when they boot up the OS should be as professional looking as possible. I
> don't think we need to go down the path of KDE and Gnome.
> I would like everyone still interested in working on this project to send me
> an e-mail, mailto:stubear@xxxxxxxxx, with a website showing off your work
> and a list of groups you would prefer to work in. Please do this by the
> middle of this coming week, Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. After that
> consideration for this particular project will only depend on the replies
> and how much I think I can complete myself.  If you don't have a website
> with work to show it will be difficult for me to determine what your
> abilities are and how to best put your efforts to good use. I'm not going to
> promise anything concerning group assignments but I will try to accommodate
> everyone based on your abilities and what's needed. If you are interested in
> working on the project identity system then I will let you know if you are a
> part of the group and you will be given a project to work on immediately,
> the details of which I'll send along with the e-mail. For the rest, it's
> concerning the new OS name but that's all I'm going to say for now.

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