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 Stuart ...
Freelists maintains a threaded archive of all the information on the list, so 
new comers can look through that, and the rest of us don't have to save our 
messages since there's an archive.  Plus, Freelists also has search tools to 
search over the whole archive.  I would prefer using the mailing list until we 
can find a way to make the forum faster because as it is now, it takes forever 
to load the pages (and it's not my connection.  I have a T1 ... and at the 
bottom of the forum, it tells how many queries to the database were done and 
how long it took ... and it's ranging from 1-3 seconds each query ... not very 
fast at all.)  I'm not bashing Andrew ... I think the forum's great.  It's just 
that it's been too slow.
  Stuart McCoy <stubear@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
I think the mailing list is a horrendous method for threaded discussions. I
have well over a thousand e-mails from the time I joined this group and
searching through them is not easy to do. Plus, if anyone new joins the
group how are they going to gain access to older discussions. I suggest
using the forum as much as possible.

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Hi Stuart?

How about the web forum? I think the last week it wasn't really used by the
team. I personally think that the forum is not really an enhancement. The
mailing list is much more practical. you get every new message and you don't
miss one.
The traffic is the same. Loading the information by web or by mail is not
the question.
So I prefer the mailinglist as the main information sharing tool.

What do you think?

Greetings Eckard

Nathan Callender           nathan_callender@xxxxxxxxx

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