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I understand the desire to stay away from Nike-like slogans.  I agree with you 
that the "Feel free, Be Open" slogan is a good one, too.

> Debro...
>I like this slogan a lot too.  It's probably my faovrite so far.  Just a 
>reminder to everyone, there were tons of slogans posted on the old yahoo 
>mailing list and some on the forum a while back, so feel free to look back at 
>those if you can.

>  debro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote: 
>I really like the slogan i've posted on one of my logo submissions: "Feel
>free. Be open."

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>> Personally, I'd like to avoid the "Just Be." slogan. Probably due in the
>most part to my disdain
>> for Nike. "Be Open!" however, I do like.

>> ---- "Jace" wrote:
>> > Personally I like "Just Be." But we can have several shirts with
>slogans. The hard part is
>> > picking (or whether to pick) a single official slogan that is the
>identity. I don't think
>> > that is necessary.
>> > -Jace
>> > >Baron? Owner of my files?:)
>> > >This slogan is to long, and not very clear.
>> > >Someone on forum had signature "Be Open!"... I like it. Good slogan for
>> > >shirt. It's simple, short and clear.
>> > >>A message from michael, including a slogan for the shirt, thoughts
>> > >>anyone. (i must say i dont get it..)
>> > >>guy.

Jace Cavacini
User Experience, BeUnited

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