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 Hrmmm.. I think I get it, but...
It is indeed a good quote. However a good slogan?
Don't think so.

You could have the quote on one side of the shirt, and the slogan on the
other side. How's that sound - feasible? Also where are these
being produced / sold? It's the first I've heard of it... although 
I am having prob's with the forums.

I kinda like the 'Feel free - Be open.'
(I think a dash is cooler than a period ;)

That's just my opinion.


Guy wrote:
A message from michael, including a slogan for the shirt, thoughts anyone.
(i must say i dont get it..)


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How are the tshirt designs coming? I *really* like this slogan...


I want an OpenBeOS t-shirt with this on it!

Baron's words should become the credo of OpenBeOS:
'I live this OS. I don't use anything else. All other operating
systems are "alternative."'


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