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  • From: "Humdinger" <humdingerb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "CDT ML" <haiku-cdt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 09:34:58 +0100

Hi there!

If there's anything more to discuss about the recently proposed 
enhancements to Mail's GUI, this would be the time to speak up.

I prepared this enhancement trac ticket that I would submit after your 
This ticket only deals with the GUI enhancements. The more important 
integration of queries, which was also discussed in the below mentioned 
thread, will (hopefully) be dealt with in the thread "Mail: GUI and 


Mail GUI enhancements

This ticket is the result of discussions on the 
dev mailing list] and 
cdt mailing list].

Mail's current GUI is wasting space by using disabled text boxes and 
unnecessary labels and a "To" field that isn't normally needed. It all 
looks a bit untidy. Also, attachments are hidden in the text at the end 
of the mail.[[BR]]
Since reading and writing mails have slightly different requirements, 
the interface will reflect that.

= Reading mails =
Current GUI:

Proposed GUI:

 * Labels aren't needed - besides the "Account" info, as that isn't 
immediately obvious. This, too, can be omitted if there's just one mail 
account set up.

 * Right-clicking a field highlights it and produces a context menu for 
"Copy to Clipboard", "New Mail to {sender name}", "Add {sender name} to 
People" etc.

 * The status pop-up let's you set a (custom) status, as it's also 
available from the menu "File | Close and | Set to...".

 * The "CC" button only appears if there's a CC set (and also the "To" 
button when "To" and the receiving account differ, think mailing 
lists). The pop-up menu offers all entries in a list, choosing one will 
open a reply-to-mail-window with that recipient filled in.

 * The pop-up menu for the decoding setting will provide the current 
elaborate items, e.g. "ISO West European (ISO-8859-1)", but is 
shortened as shown when it's selected.  At the top of that menu should 
be a 3-item history of the last used codepages for quicker access. Plus 
the default "Auto" on top.

= Writing mails =
Current GUI:

Proposed GUI:

 * The "To:" text box is not as wide. Some may see this as a problem. 
It isn't: if you put more that one contact in, it gets quickly too 
small anyway. Add to that resizing of the window.... Plus:

 * Text boxes with truncated contents get a bubble help showing the 
list of recipients.

 * The account and encoding info are shortened.

= Attachments =

Instead of hiding an attachment in the text at the end of an email 
body, an attachment bar is displayed above the message body.

Proposed GUI (reading, one line attachments):

 * The normal context menu on files: "Open With...", "Save As...", 
"Save All..." (when writing a mail, also "Delete", "Delete All")

 * If there are more attachments that won't fit in one line, 
automatically extend the bar vertically. Max. 3 lines of attachments, 
then add a vertical scrollbar.

 * In the read-mail GUI the attachment bar background is gray, as it's 
read-only. When writing, it's the usual white signaling editability.

Proposed GUI (writing, more lines with attachments):



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