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  • Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 12:18:08 -0300

I asked some time ago, everyone to send their e-mail and sf account, so i
could erase the sf account from the list (that's why you're getting
duplicates). You didn't reply to that mail...

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> >
> >better question dale....
> >
> >why is it only happening to you =3F
> >
> Well, that would be a better question except that I couldn't be sure I
> was the only one affected until now.  Others complained of it earlier
> and it only happens with this list.  I imagine that I am on the list
> three times for some reason.  I maintain other email addresses as well
> and Postmaster won't let me view the headers.
> Oh well, minor problem really.  I'll just have to figure out which
> addresses it is being sent to and request the listmeister to remove two
> of 'em....
> Dale A. Raby
> "Nothing is ever so bad that it couldn't be worse, and if it could be
> worse than it is, then maybe it's not so bad?"
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