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  • From: Nathan Callender <nathan_callender@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 10:58:23 -0800 (PST)

The website looks good.  It's funtional and nicely decorated (it may be a 
little too space-agey for me ... but I don't care that much about it.   ... I 
like simple.  go to www.callenderphoto.com for what I call simple.)  
Another note ... I said that I would be willing to help with some php stuff.  
Well, thinking about it, I am much better at organizational work and 
programming than graphic design, so for now, I will change to being part of the 
web design team, and help you out if you need any help.  I think getting the 
website (internal and external) set up are more of a priority for me than 
making wallpapers.  ... also, anyone else who wants to help please join.  ...it 
will make it easier for us.
NateC (saffertan)
  debro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote: 
I have a webhost with all of that, but with the actual situation of my
country i don't know for how long.
Anyway, Guy gave me access to a Brazilian server, i haven't test it yet, but
i will in the next few days.
Guy, does that space support PHP/SQL?

Another thingie... I'm the only one in the webdesign team, but everyone
seems to be willing to redesign the site and participating... then why
didn't you joind the web team? What's the point of the teams if everyone
does everything? It would be nice if someone else with php knowledge came
into de web team...
The content is another thing... everyone will have participation on the
content. I think... :P Stuart has the last work i guess...
Anyhow... WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE DESIGN?? I really want to know your
thoughts. Criticize!

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> These are my thoughts ...
> Since we want to put up some sites, why not put up all our web contact
places on one site. For example, we should host a CDT developement site
(for internal use tracking our progress), a promotional site (for external
display), the forum, and web-based IRC clients for everyone to use. Plus,
it should have an ftp site attached to it so we can upload our files
directly there and not have to link them from another server for display.
> This would mean finding a web host that has PHP and SQL access (for the
forum) and a hefty amount of web space and CPU time that we could use.
Debro ... is this what you have ? ... or does anyone know if anyone is
offering us a site like this?
> Another idea is to have a web interface for uploading images and other
files to the web site. (This can be done relatively easily in PHP and I
would be willing to work on inplementing it.)
> Thoughts? Stuart, is this a reasonable direction to head in (having
everything on one site)?
> NateC (saffertan)
> Guy wrote:
> stuart, i understand why you think we're not ready for a website,
> but im not quite sure that the site should promote obos, but it should at
> least begin as a information site for the cdt..
> there's already a site for obos, im not sure it is our job to create a new
> one,
> i mean , it could be nice if we will create an obos-promotion site, but i
> think we need a seperate site for the cdt..
> this means:
> 1.lets put a cdt site online (or wait for a while.. gather some content,
> then put it online)
> 2.wait for major concept (colorscheme,logo, etc.) and then start working
> an obos promotional site. (we can also start coding it now..)
> anyone?
> guy.
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