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I also do feel a bit guilty about not doing too much, but I must say it =
has been hard. The working
environment hasn't been very stimulating. However, I have decided to =
stay and see what happens.
All thanks to an encouraging e-mail from mr. Raby.


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> Well, I would like to comment on Rasmus post.
> By the way, I run a beos community web, and I do now fully understand =
why it's far best to post on the forum. But the forum is not working now =
(can happen) and I was eager to answer the post.
> So as soon as the forum is up I will copy this post there.
> Well, I too was thinking of leaving de CDT, but in strong contrast to =
Rasmus, not because "others are doin' few and of bad quality", not at =
all, but because "I'am doin' very little lately and feel guilty about =
> Don't take me wrong, I agree to some extend to Rasmus, and do respect =
his reasons, which have been very well explained (with good manners and =
no offense to others, well .... maybe slightly). But I think it is no =
good for the CDT if everybody puts the fault on others and takes never =
blame for himself (I mean in general, not Rasmus).
> If the CDT is not running as good as could have been, it's because =
were are not encouraging people, many are rather complaining. One of us =
is running the forum (sorry I ever complained about the forum, was bit =
pissed off that day), another member did built a CDT web, another is =
coordinating the CDT.
> I think we are maybe not as productive in this stadium as the coding =
members of the CDT because we have to work very tight in the beginning =
(later on we can work more individually), as opposed to them, who are =
working more individually. This could be the reason they are producing =
code so fast and we so slow.
> Would a strong leadership helped? Well, maybe Guy is no strong leader, =
but he is a good coordinator. Since there are people in de CDT with a =
strong personality, this later (coordinating) is much better than =
> This has been very well shown in the Artpack issue, where people =
complained rather than post the work they had already done (was it so =
hard to ftp the files?).
> Guy gave us the opportunity to wake up !!!! a bit and promote =
ourselves to start gettin' feedback as "which style should OBOS have". =
Cause is not only us to decide, but also the rest of OBOS. This would =
have heathen up the discussion (I'm sure it will) and maybe in two weeks =
we get a direction (the item everybody is waiting for !!!!!!!!).
> But Guy had to post 3 or 4 times asking people to ftp their work =
> No offense, I'm no better, as a matter of fact I like the diversity =
and effort among the CDT members, and feel guilty for not being as =
productive has others. But I also do I understand others are even less =
productive (some have a busy job, others have slow internet conections, =
some have children), but are very glad they are in the CDT, cause they =
will make a difference (their opinions, their work).
> So please, next time somebody has to complain, think if you shouldn't =
rather use all this energy to tell people "You are doin' a great job, =
keep so !!!! I like very much this or that idea........What do you think =
of my version of your idea?"
> I wish everybody a positive vibe,
> "Hi, I'm Double S and I am a CDTholic"
> ( as extracted from AA manuals )
> Double 'S' a.k.a. Mr. Sanchez=20
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