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  • From: "Andrew Gildehaus" <agildehaus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 18:33:42 -0500

I suppose the mailing list will remain for awhile.  There's a "Members Only"
section where only CDT members will be allowed to view and post.


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> This is really good news. I agree that the forum is best way of
> communication for team work.
> questions:
> What will be with this mailing list?
> Does the forum have private part of it, or is it all public?
> -boris
> >
> >It's been a while and there is still some controversy over the
> >name but the forum is back online thanks to the efforts of
> >Andrew.  When registering for the forums please fill out all
> >the information as it would be nice to know a bit about each
> >group member and have a way to contact each other.  Use an
> >e-mail address that you will read frequently as I will most
> >likely use it to contact you individually should the need
> >arise.  If you don't have a home page don't worry.  If you do,
> >don't be shy, show us your work.
> >
> >Speaking of the forums and the name, there is a section
> >devoted specifically to this topic.  Give us your thoughts on
> >the names suggested on the OBOS project site as well as any
> >more you might have.  I'll be using the Voting Booth in this
> >section to aid in the filtering process.  As for how the name
> >will be chose, that's still up in the air but it will involve
> >a vote from the community at some point (not just the CDT).
> >You are more than welcome to share your thoughts on this
> >process as well.
> >
> >The Brainstorming section is for just that.  There are
> >sections for each major bit of work we will be doing in this
> >group.  Use this for brainstorming of ideas only.  The Gallery
> >is for submitting work you feel is ready for review.  Discuss
> >the work itself here in this section and keep on topic.  As
> >with the Brainstorming forum, there is a section in the
> >Gallery forum for each major bit of work we will be doing.
> >
> >Comments, suggestions on ways to improve the forum or general
> >rants have their own section in the General Announcements
> >forum.  Anything goes here but please play nice.  Let's not
> >have any international incident started here  ;)
> >
> >Without further adieu, the forum can be reached here:
> >http://creative.beunited.org/forums/index.php
> >
> >That's it for
> >now.  Please register as soon as possible even if you don't
> >plan to post anything soon.  I would like to see how big this
> >group has become and start finding ways to put your efforts to
> >good use.
> >
> >Stuart McCoy
> >stubear@xxxxxxxxx
> >http://www.meltingcrayons.com/stubear
> >
> >

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