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A little correction :P

"Amiga" is not a japanese word. It's the female form for "friend" in

Just that.

I understand the reasons why we should wait, so i have nothing to say,
that's why i've been out of the mail trends.

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> Some thoughts on the problem of choosing an OS name.
> No real ideas to present, just mulling over the issues
> and thinking about what has already been used.
> The two most common small computer systems are
> Macintosh and Windows. Windows uses the name of a
> feature of the interface with which all users will be
> familiar but Macintosh has no obvious meaning or
> relevance. However, it shortens nicely to Mac and this
> has been widely used as a prefix (MacWatzit,
> MacDoodah) which has helped with the fanatisism
> associated with it (I speak as a Mac user).
> Then there was "Next", which I suppose was
> "forward-looking", but it did not last long.
> Then there have been some using "OS", notably IBMs
> OS2, which never caught on and BeOS, which has had a
> secure and enthusiastic "niche" usership but not been
> widespread.
> Then there has been Amiga and Atari - almost any
> Japanese or Chinese word tends to sound good to
> English speakers ears, whether it has appropriate
> meaning or not.
> There is Sun and Solaris which are fine, simple,
> positive sounding and a bit "obvious".
> Then there are all those UNIX things with names that
> are meaningless, difficult to say and not very
> inspiring - IRIX, xFree86, etc - and then Linux,
> mixing UNIX with that blokes name.
> Most of these names have no relevant meaning except
> for "Windows".
> Most of the obvious useable names have already been
> copyrighted, trademarked, used as domain names or are
> "associated" in some way with something. Whatever we
> decide on there will be a possibility of some plonker
> trying to make a legal issue of it.
> Finding something that simply has a ring to it might
> be best, even if it is "meaningless".
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