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I concur.  Dizzy Gillespie lends himself  to some wonderful charicatures as 
well with those frog pouch cheeks and that bent trumpet.  I don't know about 
the tunes though... copyright still may be in effect.  I suspect that Mr. 
Gillespie would love it were he alive to see it.  The theme plays well with 
the "Media OS" idea.  I will ask a music expert I know about copyright.

On Friday 12 April 2002 10:36, you wrote:
> Rob,
> BeBop
> This is maybe best way to keep Be and to have a different meaning. This
> name opens so much space for ideas and design. This style was something
> revolutionary in music, something totally new. It's not slow, it's
> dynamic and it leaves strong impressions on listeners.
> If you ask me, this is the best suggestion until now -- BeBop
> p.s. It have also ('op' - open)
> -boris
> >Here is a suggestion for using the word "Be" that
> >might defeat even the most desperate of legal
> >departments.
> >
> >"BeBop" - after the development in Jazz music of the
> >late 1940s. We could use Charlie Parker and Dizzy
> >Gillespie tunes in the advertizing. Perhaps a "Zoot"
> >suited character as an emblem? Lots of "retro"
> >stylistic possibilities.
> >
> >And the music was inventive, innovative, ground
> >breaking, with an emphasis on virtuoso performance.
> >
> >Well, maybe.
> >
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> >regards
> >Rob
> >
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