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Hi Stephan,

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> Meanwhile,
> you are trying very hard to convince other's that single clicking has only
> adventages.

I hope it doesn't look like a rant...

> But you fail to mention my biggest concern anywhere. Which is how
> are you supposed to select items?
> Do you always have to click-drag a box around items you want to select?


> If so, do you agree that there is the chance to accidentally click on items 
> when you meant to click-drag a box to select? 

From years of experience I can assure you that this really isn't the case.
It truly never happens to me.

> It is harder to accidentally double
> click. Double clicking is very distinct.

> I agree double clicking is very distinct, but it's not the only method to be 
> sufficiently distinct in a comfortable way, which is the description of how 
> much distinction one in fact needs to open up a file or app.

> Best regards,
> -Stephan

Best regards,


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