[openbeos-cdt] Re: Making Haiku's UI more customizable

  • From: Eddy Groen <eddyspeeder@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos-cdt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 10:10:30 +0100

Hi all,

I would suggest a "revert" rather than "preview" option.

The "preview" idea actually does not match the BeOS/Haiku philosophy of
instant changes without a save button. Having such a thing as a "preview"
button would also require having an "apply" or "save" button. I would
suggest keeping the BeOS/Haiku way of immediately applying any setting made
within a preference panel, but being able to revert to the previous setting
more easily.

Specifically for the appearance settings, it could remember the "previous
color" as well as the "theme color" (right now that is usually the default
system color, but in case themes are going to be implemented, it would be
good to have a little advancement there).

As for skins: Zeta showed how it was *not* supposed to work. The problem
with the themes was, they were butt-ugly. Generally what happened with the
themes was that you could change window backgrounds, window panes, the
Deskbar, menu bars and title fields into different colors. The themes were
often vibrant and inappropriate. Furthermore, not all window panes would
change, leaving them obnoxiously gray, as did all the gradient-based UI
features like scrollbars and the preferences panel header. I would feel more
for the graphics-based "Persona" approach in Firefox (which will become
default as of 3.6).

Window decors were mostly taken care of by Konrad and Frans, but I've also
seen some decors by François. Most decors actually were pretty nice to look
at. I'd be in favor of adding the possibility of more window decors,
provided it will not kill the sliding tab. It is a trade-off I never liked.



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