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  • Date: Sat, 05 Dec 2009 13:52:02 +0100

-- Axel Dörfler, on Fri, 04 Dec 2009 13:22:46 +0100:
> Maybe it's a good idea to have a prototype to play with before making 
> any conclusions, though.

I consider looking into programming a bit more seriously, but doubt I'd 
be for much use for quite a while.

> FWIW I liked the previous version better, but 
> that could be just me, and I haven't actually used either solution.

I'll keep the old query-panel mockups for later, (still available at 
http://docs.google.com/View?id=ddx3qxp9_13ftxvhjgj), but went to work on 
some more GUI layout assuming the simplified query-by-menu solution 
finds support. Otherwise, imagine an additional expander at the bottom 
for the query-panel.

I removed the controversal icon for now, as the status is now more 
obviously set. I still like the idea of avatars and I think the needed 
space for it would be expendable. Maybe it could be an optional 

Having attachments in a familiar file list to the side instead of a 
grey bar (see above google-doc) below the header info, is the more 
traditional approach. It does however require a new GUI layout to make 
room for it. While the reading-mails layout out can cope with that 
nicely, writing-mails is more challenging, because of all the input 
text boxes.

See these mockups (1-3) for reading mail at:

It still works pretty much like described in the google-doc, only the 
status is now more obviously set with a pop-up menu. The "CC" pop-up is 
only visible if filled, the "To" only if it differs from your account 
(-> mailing lists).

The write-a-new-mail window is a bit more complicated.

Layout 1 (4) is the same tidy layout from the google-doc:

Unfortunately, you can't make room for the attachment list to the side 
of the header info.
Layout 1 (5) puts the attachment list below the header info:

Layout 2 (6-7) shows another header info layout, that's not as nice as 
Layout 1 IMO and also requires an additional row, but leaves room for 
an attachment list to the right of it:

Do you see a problem of attachments being to the right when reading 
mails, but below the header info when sending attachments yourself?
IMO the gain from using Layout 1 outweighs the small inconsistency. 
After all, the attachment lists pop up automatically when adding a file 
or a received mail has attachments. So it's not like you have to look 
for some widget to show the list.


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