[openbeos-cdt] Re: Help with IRC please?

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Ok, due to technial difficulties I'm going to cancel the brainstorming
session for tonight.  I plan on keeping the one at 2pm EST on Monday and I
want to reschedule tonight's session for Tuesday at 8pm EST.  Hopefully
there won't be any technical difficulties  :)

In the mean time keep writing a list of names.

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I don't agree with any policies on those messagers... just like I don't
agree with the software licenses which claim ZERO responsibility for the
product... (that's all of them, I think).  Sad thing is, you take one or
leave all, if you don't like the policies.  I still want to create a company
that provides warranty for their software...

On 2002-04-04 at 18:30:36 [-0500], Guy wrote:
> how is it possible that you agree with MSN privacy?
> (i mean i havent read it but i can just take a guess that if they could
> would install windows and NetMeeting on my brain.)
> guy.

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