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You STILL have to have an account with each service you want to connect to
and I disagree with Yahoo and AOLs privacy policies. With IRC there are no
policies to deal with but you can lose some of the IM clients.

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If you are working under windows I recommend Trillian
it's one single interface and you can combine all your
IM accounts into one tool.  ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and
IRC!  And it's free and without banners.

On BeOS there is a Jabber client:


which can do the same as Trillian but no IRC.

--- Guy <mul_m7m@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> host: irc.openprojects.net
> port: most likely 6667 (perhaps 6668/6666)
> label (?) i think this is the name of the connection
> on your list, make it
> OpenProjects.net, (or plain Wabby)
> RealName : Jace Jop
> Ident: (random string)jace
> password: leave empty.
> hope this helps.
> guy.

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