[openbeos-cdt] Re: Design Stuff ... and more

  • From: "Jace" <jace@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 04:43:40 -0500

Hi Kristof, and everyone,

I'm not too keen on the BeOS IRC clients.  If you really prefer IRC, recommend 
me a good BeOS client to try.  In fact, how about BeShare, AIM or Jabber?  
Unless I am doing art or music, I am in BeOS so I'd prefer not to rely on some 
non-BeOS communication method.

I don't mind trying to help with organization, but I think the needed and 
desired structure-parameters have already been asked for.  It just needs to be 
implimented.  More than that, we need to agree on a level of professionalism.

Oh, and I'm in the eastern US timezone.

Oh, Guy, you really should consider your role more like a boss at a business 
than as a "cheerleader."  Come to that, we're all cheerleaders, so we don't 
need that many cheerleaders.  We need a boss and workers.  What's needed is a 
task-master with a strict view on what professional work should look like, a 
list of requirements, a list of expectations, a list of definitions, etc.  I'd 
rather take this whole thing professionally; boss and work assignments with 
parameters.  Instead of a loose bunch of random acts of "art" held together by 
the name CDT.  This is supposed to be the OpenBeOS Creative Design Team, not 
just any old CDT.  Throwing a bunch of random Be-related materials at the 
community just isn't the best idea if the desired end result of OBOS is a 
recognizable, consistent and stable OS and image.  First impressions last.


>Hi everyone
>Hope you all had a great Eastertime.  First I really
>hope nobody wants to leave the team again.  I realize
>that it's difficult to please everyone.  From
>experience as webdesigner I know that you can not put
>a group of people together and hope a design comes out
>that pleases everyone.
>Now I'm aware it's not an easy task for Guy to get
>things organized here.  First of all it's easier to
>organize a team of programmers, they are by nature
>more organised ;-) , but organization is a necessary
>evil as they say here.  Guy lives in Israel and I bet
>the situation there preoccupies him now, what makes
>the organization of this large group not an easy task.
>Now I've noticed that a few people here like Stubear,
>Debro, Jace ...etc, although we may have different
>opinions on how things should be done we are thinking
>along the same lines concerning the organization of
>the group.  So I suggest that those who would like to
>get things organized get together with Guy and set up
>a plan.  I mean not everyone is interested in setting
>up a plan and do organizational stuff, I realize most
>of you guys are creative people who want to do their
>stuff and it's up to the teamlead to provide
>So instead of everyone bitching around that things are
>so poorly organised let's get things started.   First
>I'd like to ask who wants to be part in setting up a
>structure, I'm talking about timeframes,
>planningstages, communication etc.  Just the stuff to
>get organized nothing more than this at this stage.
>Communication is important and Irc  could help but do
>realize not everyone lives in the US and timezones can
>make this difficult.  So a good forum is not so bad
>So my idea is everyone who wants to take part in the
>organisation replies with this name and email, then we
>try to get together on irc or by any other means.  It
>will be easier to get things started with a smaller
>Kristof aka BeAdingo

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