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> comments?
yes.  one:  what's going on?  i'm new to the cdt, and nobody really told me
what was going on... anything i can read to get me up to speed?

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> Well i fully agree.
> Sunday - the ftp will be empty and the artpack released. once that's done,
> we'll start working on the timeperiod that's devoted to planning and
> eventually coming up with a fewconcepts.
> comments?
> guy.
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> >
> > Hey everyone...
> >
> > Okay, ever since I've been here (since Jan) this is about the thrid time
> that the group has called for some organization and some planning.  Stuart
> has been posting comments on the forum about this.  I have too.  Stuart
> suggested how we should do this ... he writes:
> >
> > <quote>
> >
> > Here's how this group of designers should progress. We must begin by
> finding out exactly what the concept for BeOS is supposed to be. To do
> we must ask the developers what they envision BeOS (and OBOS) to be. The
> design team will then discuss it at length and condense the concept to its
> base elements. For instance, the bee is a good starting point for a logo.
> >
> > Once a couple concepts are chosen and ideas are discussed, the designers
> in the logo group will begin creating. Once they have a wealth of work
> on these concepts they will display the work to the group. Discussion will
> ensue based on the work presented. Hopefully some of the ideas discussed
> the first step will either be refined or rejected because they just don't
> work (sometimes an idea sounds better until it's implemented).
> >
> > After discussing the current cropof logos the designers whose work is
> considered good enough to progress will do so. These designers will take
> their work and refine it based on the discussion. If your work wasn't
> chosen, you can always try to improve it based on the discussion and
> it on the next round.
> >
> > This process continues until a couple of pieces of work per concept are
> chosen to be presented to the client - in this case that's the OBOS
> developers and perhaps the community. I'd argue against asking the Be
> what they think of the logos because everyone will have an opinion and you
> can never please everyone. It's best to limit the people who can make the
> decisions as much as posible. Most designers have either heard or made the
> comment about too many cooks in the kitchen when discussing their clients.
> Designing by committee is never easy and always disasterous.
> >
> > This is how a team designs. They discuss ideas. This teasm has yet to
> really begin the first step in earnest.
> > </quote>
> >
> > Others have posted stuff too (Nathan Lynn comes to mind) a while back,
> I even sent a design schedule to Guy a while back as well in an earlier
> attempt to get the group organized.  I suggest that we stop whatever
> work that we're doing and start talking about (and working on) how to get
> this project done.  It's going to be a big crappy mess when Michael
> writes us and needs something urgently to promote the OBOS project (for
> example) and we haven't even talked about a design schedule.  (Wait ...
> already did happen :-) the t-shirt idea and now the web links).
> >
> > If we are serious about this project and about helping OBOS become
> reality, then we should be interested in planning what we're going to do.
> ALL of us should care about this enough to know that this project isn't
> going to come together by magic.  It's going to take hard work,
> and planning.  No business or company would EVER run ANY team like this.
> ...and while this is still an open source project, and we're contributing
> have fun and help the community out, this does not be that we should not
> professional.  I repeat; there is no reason to be unprofessional about
> Any thing would be cheating the community that is depending on us to give
> them good software.  That's reason most of us are here.
> >
> > If you agree with me and the past few posts, let us all know.
> >
> > NateC (saffertan).
> >
> > (Quoting)...
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> > yes there does seem to be disorganisation. I'm new here & the button
> i was sent had no details so I thought it was going to be a defualt button
> used & have things like "Links" "contact" "downloads" put over top of it.
> either way I'm going to submit my BeUnited ui designs as it shows off a
> of my wallpapers for later use & icons &... well... ui.
> SHED Tipton-
> Professional audio relations - BeUnitedhttp://www.beunited.org/
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