[openbeos-cdt] Re: Design Stuff ... and more

  • From: "Jess Tipton" <Shed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos-cdt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 17:22:38 CST

On some of hem I didnt use a contrasting font cuz it was a quick mock 
up - just a small mod of an existing windows & fonts on my systems as 
is now. The pics at the bottom of the page are the full ones while they 
dont ahow all views & options they are just concepts.
sorry for a short reply but me & my son are playing games so we can 
talk about this a bit later if thats ok. I under stand your need for a 
fast to load html page hence the low res logo. my sites load fast even 
on dail up & are very graphics heavy but again dail up pass's the speed 
tests. check them out if you want. anyway ttyl 

>Jess Tipton wrote:
>>sorry I agree with your logo concept but your logo on the green bay 
>>poor & low res, I would like our logo & UI to be of a cleaner & 
>>forward nature but by the same token not cartoony as Be's icons have 
>>previously been. again I will offer my wallpapers Icons & ui designs 
>>show. Along with others I do agree we need a new name. while the 
>>where hased out at soem point saying BeOS the trade mark was not 
>>by Palm things may have change & while we want to keep ties to Be's 
>>reputation for speed stability & ease of use we need our own 
>>I also agree that a "Mascot" is a bad idea. While we do want to 
>>to average home users the ease of use should speak for it's self. no 
>>one is going to walk through a store or dl an OS off the net just cuz 
>>it has a cute bear logo - or a cuddley cat. The few BeOS wallpapers 
>>that had Bee's in them where plain stupid & that is NOT what the BE 
>>BeOS was about. it has nothing to do with an insect that most people 
>>detest or fear. anyway enought ranting. my server is back up & i hope 
>>for good this time although the lines are still in question but here 
>>again are a taste of my offering's. while rought they are still good 
>>quality & I do a decent amount of design. 
>Well, I like my logo, but then I profess to be a photographer and a 
>writer, not a graphic designer.  I needed it to be low-resolution as 
>must download quickly lest my audience get tired of waiting for the 
>to load and go elsewhere.  I can't have naked women up there to draw 
>eye like the porn sites do for my intended market.
>I also like things on a dark background, and while this works well in 
>HTML document, on a box for a packaged version of Open BeOS, it would 
>not be as strong visually.  This eventuality must be borne in mind.  I 
>visited your site and found that while I liked your folders and some 
>your other icons, I found the lettering difficult to read on a brown 
>background.  Why did you not use a contrasting color text... green or 
>white... anything but black?
>I'm gonna see about design my own Open BeOS logo tonight after 
>else goes to bed.  We'll see what comes out of a deranged mind at 

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