[openbeos-cdt] Re: Design Stuff ... and more

  • From: Dale Raby <daleraby@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos-cdt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 17:13:39 -0600

Jess Tipton wrote:

>sorry I agree with your logo concept but your logo on the green bay is 
>poor & low res, I would like our logo & UI to be of a cleaner & stright 
>forward nature but by the same token not cartoony as Be's icons have 
>previously been. again I will offer my wallpapers Icons & ui designs as 
>show. Along with others I do agree we need a new name. while the legals 
>where hased out at soem point saying BeOS the trade mark was not owned 
>by Palm things may have change & while we want to keep ties to Be's 
>reputation for speed stability & ease of use we need our own identity. 
>I also agree that a "Mascot" is a bad idea. While we do want to market 
>to average home users the ease of use should speak for it's self. no 
>one is going to walk through a store or dl an OS off the net just cuz 
>it has a cute bear logo - or a cuddley cat. The few BeOS wallpapers 
>that had Bee's in them where plain stupid & that is NOT what the BE in 
>BeOS was about. it has nothing to do with an insect that most people 
>detest or fear. anyway enought ranting. my server is back up & i hope 
>for good this time although the lines are still in question but here 
>again are a taste of my offering's. while rought they are still good 
>quality & I do a decent amount of design. 
Well, I like my logo, but then I profess to be a photographer and a 
writer, not a graphic designer.  I needed it to be low-resolution as it 
must download quickly lest my audience get tired of waiting for the page 
to load and go elsewhere.  I can't have naked women up there to draw the 
eye like the porn sites do for my intended market.

I also like things on a dark background, and while this works well in an 
HTML document, on a box for a packaged version of Open BeOS, it would 
not be as strong visually.  This eventuality must be borne in mind.  I 
visited your site and found that while I liked your folders and some of 
your other icons, I found the lettering difficult to read on a brown 
background.  Why did you not use a contrasting color text... green or 
white... anything but black?

I'm gonna see about design my own Open BeOS logo tonight after everyone 
else goes to bed.  We'll see what comes out of a deranged mind at midnight.


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