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  • Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 18:29:36 -0800 (PST)

Hey everyone...

Okay, ever since I've been here (since Jan) this is about the thrid time that 
the group has called for some organization and some planning.  Stuart has been 
posting comments on the forum about this.  I have too.  Stuart also suggested 
how we should do this ... he writes:


Here's how this group of designers should progress. We must begin by finding 
out exactly what the concept for BeOS is supposed to be. To do this we must ask 
the developers what they envision BeOS (and OBOS) to be. The design team will 
then discuss it at length and condense the concept to its base elements. For 
instance, the bee is a good starting point for a logo. 

Once a couple concepts are chosen and ideas are discussed, the designers in the 
logo group will begin creating. Once they have a wealth of work based on these 
concepts they will display the work to the group. Discussion will ensue based 
on the work presented. Hopefully some of the ideas discussed in the first step 
will either be refined or rejected because they just don't work (sometimes an 
idea sounds better until it's implemented). 

After discussing the current cropof logos the designers whose work is 
considered good enough to progress will do so. These designers will take their 
work and refine it based on the discussion. If your work wasn't chosen, you can 
always try to improve it based on the discussion and present it on the next 

This process continues until a couple of pieces of work per concept are chosen 
to be presented to the client - in this case that's the OBOS developers and 
perhaps the community. I'd argue against asking the Be forums what they think 
of the logos because everyone will have an opinion and you can never please 
everyone. It's best to limit the people who can make the decisions as much as 
posible. Most designers have either heard or made the comment about too many 
cooks in the kitchen when discussing their clients. Designing by committee is 
never easy and always disasterous. 

This is how a team designs. They discuss ideas. This teasm has yet to really 
begin the first step in earnest. 

Others have posted stuff too (Nathan Lynn comes to mind) a while back, and I 
even sent a design schedule to Guy a while back as well in an earlier attempt 
to get the group organized.  I suggest that we stop whatever design work that 
we're doing and start talking about (and working on) how to get this project 
done.  It's going to be a big crappy mess when Michael Phillips writes us and 
needs something urgently to promote the OBOS project (for example) and we 
haven't even talked about a design schedule.  (Wait ... this already did happen 
:-) the t-shirt idea and now the web links).  

If we are serious about this project and about helping OBOS become reality, 
then we should be interested in planning what we're going to do.  ALL of us 
should care about this enough to know that this project isn't going to come 
together by magic.  It's going to take hard work, dedication, and planning.  No 
business or company would EVER run ANY team like this.  ...and while this is 
still an open source project, and we're contributing to have fun and help the 
community out, this does not be that we should not be professional.  I repeat; 
there is no reason to be unprofessional about this.  Any thing would be 
cheating the community that is depending on us to give them good software.  
That's reason most of us are here. 

If you agree with me and the past few posts, let us all know.  

NateC (saffertan).


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   Subject: [openbeos-cdt] Design stuff 
   From: "Jess Tipton" <Shed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
   Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 12:15:13 CST 


yes there does seem to be disorganisation. I'm new here & the button email i 
was sent had no details so I thought it was going to be a defualt button used & 
have things like "Links" "contact" "downloads" put over top of it. either way 
I'm going to submit my BeUnited ui designs as it shows off a few of my 
wallpapers for later use & icons &... well... ui. SHED Tipton- Professional audio relations - 

Nathan Callender           nathan_callender@xxxxxxxxx

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