[openbeos-cdt] Conventions?

  • From: Ben Hengst <hengst.1@xxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos-cdt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 14:19:13 -0500

ok i just took a look at everything that was in ftp.mimic.ca/pub/OpenBeos 
here are some thoughts:

1) are we just testing the waters seeing what we can think of or are we 
working with constraints? i understatd that we are trying to emulate the 
current feel while being diffrent too. so are we sticking with a blue and red 
logo (i see that tan and yellow are common alternatives) or are we free to do 
what ever?
2) SaDeron your walpapers 1 & 3 are sweet. i realy like the nice symplistic 
and tech feel to them, there not overwhelimg, i also love the people icon (is 
it ok if we use existing imagery?)
3) m7m i am realy fond of your logo for the project (m7m-openbeos.png) again 
clean well defined lines.
4) double i realy like your icons (ob.jpg) there cute and soft, vary easy and 
fun to get along with. as well as descriptive to the item. but i dont know 
about "tabby" it's a good idea but it reminds me too much of 'clippy' from MS 
office and that was just annoying, i know it's not a fair comparison but it 
just has that feel and along with that comes the emotonal baggage.

over all i'm realy liking the stuff that ive seen and i'm going to have to 
work my @$$ off to catch up. hopefully by next weekend i'll have somehting in 
the dir for public crit. rock out all.

ps debro's icons and walpapers zip is corupt (or i didnt get it correctly 
twice?) can some one check to see if the file is fine (i hope that i'm just 
screwing up somewhere)

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