[openbeos-cdt] ArtPack Suggestions

  • From: DigitalSin <digisin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos-cdt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 23:52:40 -0500

On Friday 15 March 2002 14:12, you wrote:
> hey everyone,
> it seems a bit wierd to me that i saw almost no response to the preview
> release of the artpack.. no comments,feedbacks..
> ?
> guy.

I noticed it sitting there on the ftp and checked it out last night.
First off debro's submissions didn't get into the pack?
(BTW - I tried to download his, but the server replied with=20
'you don't have permission' - LOL)

Mainly though, I think it needs 'cleaned up' a bit, before the release.
I admit I was lame in how I uploaded it. I now realize that I should have
put all three unzipped folders into a directory, the release.txt into the=
subdirectory, and then zipped that.

I propose everything be distributed into their appropriate categories:
icons, logos, sounds, and wallpapers.

I realize this was the original intention, as there were multiple=20
subdirectories of the type on the upload ftp site under pub/OpenBeos.
Either it was easier for everyone to just upload into one directory or th=
just what happened - I don't know. I noted before that I tried to upload =
the sounds directory and wasn't able.

In the base of the structure could be the memberlist, but somehow feel it=
more appropriate that a contributor list be included - one specific to ea=
release. It could include a list of what the members contributed to that =
next to their respective names.

In effect, this is what the structure would look like:

CDT Preview Release 1/
CDT Preview Release 1/ :
Memberlist.txt-=09(all members listed)
Releaselist.txt-=09(list of members who released materials in the pack)
In the subdirectories, just put all the relevant files (no further=20
subdirectories unless needed as a seperation measure {i.e. seperate sound=
schemes}, as who contributed what is detailed in the Releaselist.txt in t=
base directory) UNZIPPED. One zip is enough, zips inside of zips looks ta=
and is tedious.

As for what I contributed, just unzip the three zip files into the sounds=
directory. Those unzipped directories should also be renamed to 'sound sc=
1', 'sound scheme 2', and 'sound scheme 3'. Unzipped they are numbered so=
that should be easy enough.

If everyone wants a seperate subdirectory I would not personally object,=20
seeing as this might also give the illusion as to more than what is actua=
there :p However, if this is so then please give me my own subdir. as wel=
l ;)

What does everyone think about that?


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