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#8536: Czech (Mac) keymap
   Reporter:  janiczek            |      Owner:  jscipione
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  Component:  Preferences/Keymap  |    Version:  R1/Development
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Comment (by janiczek):

 Replying to [comment:4 jscipione]:
 > While I may be the Mac keyboard expert, I know nothing about Czech
 except for what I can look up online. A cursory look at the map most of it
 looks okay to me.
 > There are a couple of problems with the attached keyboard layout file
 though other than it should end in .keymap instead of .txt.

 Yes, I didn't know about the .keymap extension convention until I found
 out where the keymaps live in the source code. I will use the right
 extension in the patch (if I am the one to patch it).

 > There is a number of spaces in the option map in keys other than 0x5e
 (the space key). This is true for many international maps though, is there
 a good reason for this?

 This is probably because of the way I (and presumably the other keymap
 makers?) created the map in the Keymaps application. See, I drag'n'dropped
 the "empty character" (well, now we know it was a space) to the previously
 occupied keys before I put the right characters in their place.

 So, the spaces don't really have a use. I will delete them in the .keymap
 file directly (the application doesn't give me a way to do it).

 > Also, RCommand is not mapped. Looking at
 http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2841 the Czech standard keyboard has both
 left and right Command keys so it should be mapped AFAIK. The standard
 code to map RCommand to is 0x67.

 Yes, that escaped my attention. I'll add the RCommand there.

 > Circumflex does not have a character defined in the first slot, but it
 does map dead key tables. Either put a '^' there or don't include any dead
 key maps if circumflex is not used on a Czech keyboard.

 I'll remove the circumflex from dead key tables.

 > I see that the 'S' key gets a character printed on the Apple Aluminum
 keyboard for the option map, but it looks like you also defined some
 characters for the 'A', 'D', 'H', 'J', 'L', and 'N' keys. Not knowing
 Czech I can't say if that is normal or not.

 These are all quirks of Mac keyboard layout and mathematical or Polish,
 I'd say, characters. That was blind copying of the Mac layout from my
 side. Or shouldn't I?

 Oh, and I completely forgot the Option+Command combo. Whole new lot of
 characters that I'll never use :) Should I put them there? (Will attach a
 screenshot with all the variants.)

 > I'll have to investigate a bit more to see if the non-ASCII characters
 are all correct.

 They're written at Mac, copied to pastebin.com and then retrieved on the
 Haiku box in virtual machine. (wget of the raw input, so no browser
 encoding reinterpreting)

 So, recap:

 1. spaces -> empty strings (with the exception of spacebar, obviously)
 2. add RCommand
 3. remove circumflex from dead key tables
 4. add Option+Command set of characters, so it's mimicking the Mac layout
 completely? Should I?

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