[haiku-bugs] [Haiku] #8487: Screen tearing and glitches.

  • From: "Premislaus" <trac@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 17:36:44 -0000

#8487: Screen tearing and glitches.
 Reporter:  Premislaus                           |        Owner:  kallisti5
     Type:  bug                                  |       Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                               |    Milestone:  R1
Component:  Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd           |      Version:
 Keywords:  screen tearing glitches radeon_hd    |  R1/Development
  CRT                                            |   Blocked By:
 Blocking:                                       |  Has a Patch:  0
 Platform:  x86                                  |
 I attach a video to show what I mean. Also Windows Driver - during
 installation on Windows, I chose K551.

 How do I set 1024x768 resolution and 60Hz. In 99% of cases, the image is
 displayed correctly. As soon as I change it to 75Hz, the picture is not
 displayed correctly.

 Increasing the resolution to 1152x864 and 1600x1200, only intensifies the

 Often while watching a movie, screen tearing occurs.

 My graphics card is Radeon HD 5450. I have a CRT monitor - Siemens

 This problem has always occurred but I forgot to report it...

 Instruction - http://plus.jonar.pl/manuals/siemens_mcm_17p1.pdf

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