[haiku-bugs] Re: [Haiku] #8435: [installoptionalpackage] error when installing OpenSSL

  • From: "mmadia" <trac@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2013 19:42:01 -0000

#8435: [installoptionalpackage] error when installing OpenSSL
   Reporter:  starsseed                        |      Owner:  mmadia
       Type:  bug                              |     Status:  closed
   Priority:  normal                           |  Milestone:  R1/beta1
  Component:  Applications/Command Line Tools  |    Version:
 Resolution:  no change required               |  R1/Development
 Blocked By:                                   |   Keywords:
Has a Patch:  0                                |   Blocking:
                                               |   Platform:  All
Changes (by mmadia):

 * status:  assigned => closed
 * resolution:   => no change required


 IIRC, the issue of this was the inability to parse the url for the OpenSSL

 With package-management being merged sooner-than-later, this issue will
 disappear as installoptionalpackage is no longer included nor needed.

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