[haiku-bugs] Re: [Haiku] #8422: UserlandFS server doesn't compile with DEBUG

  • From: "bonefish" <trac@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2012 11:48:55 -0000

#8422: UserlandFS server doesn't compile with DEBUG
   Reporter:  pdziepak                 |      Owner:  bonefish
       Type:  bug                      |     Status:  new
   Priority:  normal                   |  Milestone:  R1
  Component:  File Systems/UserlandFS  |    Version:  R1/alpha3
 Resolution:                           |   Keywords:  gsoc2012
 Blocked By:                           |   Blocking:
Has a Patch:  1                        |   Platform:  All

Comment (by bonefish):

 I don't really like this solution. The server should avoid private kernel
 headers and it does save for `<Notifications.h>` to handle the
 `NodeMonitoringEventRequest`. It should instead rather delegate the
 invocation of the listener hook to the respective kernel interface

 Regarding coding style: The `}` doesn't go on the same line as the `{`,
 even if the function body is empty. Exceptions may be made for lists of
 reserved methods to avoid unnecessarily bloating the source file (e.g.
 but then the whole function definition is on the same line.

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