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#8314: Ticket SPAM
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Old description:

> [[Image(https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-znSELHXfqHo/TsCF8OMFIJI/AAAAAAAAAWE/9p3swa_a13k/s275
> /red-pill-blue-pill.jpg)]]
> Muscles relaxers are the common prescriptions for those people that are
> suffering from neck and back pain. In this kind of problems, their tissue
> might have some injuries. On the late 1500's, they have made a medicine
> to treat this kind of pain and this medicine is a painkiller which is
> commonly known as the '''[http://www.medsmd.com/flexeril.html flexeril
> 10mg]'''. If you will have to take this medicine, the effect will not be
> direct, you will just have to wait in just a couple of minutes. Research
> find out that this medicine carries some '''side effects'''.
> [[Image(https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-US5BdohYxlk/TyHCusaCNMI/AAAAAAAAAQA/qnzmd-L5-NM/s302
> /red-pill-blue-pill.jpg)]]
> The types of muscle relaxers are the
> '''[http://www.medsmd.com/flexeril.html flexeril]''', Valium, soma,
> metaxalone and the Tubocurarine or the Succinylcholine. Though the
> '''flexeril''' has a similar to that many antidepressant medicines,
> still, the drug is popular prescriptions due to some '''side effects'''
> just like drowsiness. The use of the '''flexeril''' is to remove pain
> from muscle leaving it relax. Take this orally and taking it at '''10
> mg''' in every six hours.
> [[Image(https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-F0ZzJt_9OoY/TyggTe3wkGI/AAAAAAAAAEg/qneKvJG9ik8/s512/pills%2520prescriptions%2520medications%2520drug%2520pill%2520prescription%2520medication%2520drugs.jpg)]]
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