[haiku-bugs] Re: [Haiku] #8148: The option names in "Modifier Keys" dialog are incorrect

  • From: "rq" <trac@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 09:18:29 -0000

#8148: The option names in "Modifier Keys" dialog are incorrect
   Reporter:  rq                  |      Owner:  axeld
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Comment (by rq):

 ''Rewriting because Trac stripped all my newlines:''

 I wanted to make my keys somewhat compatible with Windows and Linux, that

 Alt keys act as Opt[[BR]]
 Ctrl keys act as Cmd[[BR]]
 Cmd/Win keys act as Ctrl (since I can't make the same key act as both Ctrl
 and Cmd)

 I found that nice dialog, but figuring out what to change to what in it
 was quite a challenge, because it seems to assume that keyboards are
 actually engraved the way BeOS defaults expected them to be, which is,
 well, never the case. While it would seem perfectly logical for me to see
 this mapping:

    Option -> Option[[BR]]
    Control -> Command[[BR]]
    Command -> Control

 I ended up with:

    Control -> Option[[BR]]
    Option -> Command[[BR]]
    Command -> Control

 which doesn't make much sense at all. For it to make sense, one has to
 know that Haiku's Command is actually Alt, and Haiku's Option is actually
 Command, but only on the left-hand-side, because on the right-hand side
 Option and Command are reversed for users of AltGr.

 I recommend to:[[BR]]
 1) make it more obvious which side of mapping is the physical keyboard and
 which is the keymap used by Haiku. Since that list looks like a table,
 something like table heading could be used, such as: Function:\tKey:
 2) change button names in drop-downs to reflect the reality: swap names of
 Command and Option, and rename Option to Alt and perhaps Command to Win (I
 know I know, Mac users will be unhappy "Win/Cmd" would be an alternative).

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