[haiku-bugs] Re: [Haiku] #8007: [app_server] fully unresponsive when resizing window of big textfile

  • From: "Pete" <trac@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2011 06:48:49 -0000

#8007: [app_server] fully unresponsive when resizing window of big textfile
   Reporter:  ttcoder             |      Owner:  axeld
       Type:  bug                 |     Status:  new
   Priority:  normal              |  Milestone:  R1
  Component:  Servers/app_server  |    Version:  R1/Development
 Resolution:                      |   Keywords:
 Blocked By:                      |   Blocking:
Has a Patch:  0                   |   Platform:  All

Comment (by Pete):

 Another observation -- perhaps not entirely unexpected:

 I opened the big text file in StyledEdit, after removing the StyledEdit-
 info attribute so it wouldn't immediately freeze.  Then, before resizing,
 I lowered the priority of the resulting window (using the 'prio' command
 so I could have finer control than with ProcessController).

 If I set the priority to 10, resizing the window never froze.  OTOH, it
 wasn't very good at refreshing the contents (not surprisingly).  It seemed
 to, eventually, but I don't know the trigger.

 With the priority between 11 and 14, there was freezing once again, but it
 seemed to vary with the priority level, going back to the usual freeze
 when it reached 15 again.

 I tried looking to see if I could find a lower-priority task that might be
 affecting it but didn't find one.

 Is it possible the scheduler isn't time-slicing properly?

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