[haiku-bugs] [Haiku] #5579: Create a Haiku theme for Trac

  • From: "mmadia" <trac@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 06:21:15 -0000

#5579: Create a Haiku theme for Trac
 Reporter:  mmadia        |       Owner:  haiku-web
     Type:  enhancement   |      Status:  new      
 Priority:  low           |   Milestone:           
Component:  Website/Trac  |     Version:           
 Keywords:                |   Blockedby:           
 Platform:  All           |    Blocking:           
 While mostly an aesthetic enhancement, it may be fun to eventually theme
 our installation of Trac.

 From [http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/TracExampleTheme Minimal Skeleton Example
 You only need to do this in order to build your own theme :

   - Install [http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/ThemeEnginePlugin
   - Enable it
   - Modify the css file in [http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/TracExampleTheme
 TracExampleTheme] or include a
     new template file
   - Install it
   - Enable it
   - Take a look to the docs, and [http://trac-
 hacks.org/wiki/ThemeEnginePlugin#Options select the new theme],
     or [http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/ThemeEnginePlugin#ChoosingaTheme use
 the WebAdmin interface]

 A page with a [http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/theme listing of existing Trac

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