[haiku-bugs] Re: [Haiku] #1887: ctrl-tab: mouse cursor is not warped

  • From: "nutela" <trac@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 12:16:47 -0000

#1887: ctrl-tab: mouse cursor is not warped
 Reporter:  nutela          |       Owner:  stippi       
     Type:  bug             |      Status:  new          
 Priority:  normal          |   Milestone:  R1           
Component:  User Interface  |     Version:  R1/pre-alpha1
 Keywords:                  |   Blockedby:               
 Platform:  x86             |    Blocking:               

Comment(by nutela):

 So then you understand this feature is about focusing the window without
 pointing (without any mouse useage) and is only useful when you use FFM
 i.e. Focus Follow Mouse. If you check Apple's patents which can measure
 your finger hovering above the screen this is could also be a form of FFM.

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