[haiku-appserver] Re: testing under R5

  • From: Adi Oanca <adioanca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-appserver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 16:44:48 +0300

Ingo Weinhold wrote:

Right, but that probably holds for 90% of the targets of the build system.

You know better.
IMO this can easily be changed. When building for r5 apps should be linked
against $(LIBBE) and LIBBE = libopenbeos.so. For haiku LIBBE = libbe.so.

Well, that's generally actually not the case. When building e.g. StyledEdit for platform "r5" the intention is to get an executable that runs under R5, not under the app server test environment. We probably need a more suitable target "test".

Ah, ok. Well, then I'm looking forward to you new build system. :)

The main target is Haiku and disable the build for non-Haiku target
platforms would require to clutter the whole build system with "if
$(TARGET_PLATFORM) == haiku) {...".

Can you do it another way?

Yes, by modifying the invoked rules to be platform aware.


Besides, in theory a libbe.so for R5
would makes sense, if it were possible to replace the system library (which
it isn't, I know).

:-) Then there's no point for it there...
It breaks my test environment. :-)
I test the server by having app_server built in system/ not system/servers/,
so that the lib/ be in the same directory. In there you can find also libbe.so, and
because of that ./app_server will not run. Deleting this file every time is annoying;
the other way of modifying the src/kits/Jamfile not to build libbe.so is not hard, but
it's not practical.
So, in the end, libbe.so under r5 obstructs ( my :) ) app_server testing.

Ever thought about creating a test directory somewhere and create links in it to the executables and libraries you need?

... no. :-)

Another thing: if I want to build the app_server for r5, I must go
to src/tests/servers/app. Why? This is annoying. I want to be able to build
the app server from src/servers/app, the right location IMO.

Well, one can argue about that. In fact you don't want to build the app server, but a special test version of it.

True. :-) It's another way of seeing things.
90% of time I test the server with my own applications, so for me it makes
much more sense to set a target platform, go into src/servers/app and build by app_server.

Wouldn't it make even more sense to go to src/tests/servers/app and build both the test app server and all test apps at once? :-P

My apps usually don't stay there. :-P I told you, I'm not testing with those apps. I'm using mines. What I am interested in is that I build and run the server in r5. I'm not interested in test applications for the server.

        It's like the audio system is in the living room, yet the
remote is in the bathroom :-)

- in src/kits when building for r5 *only* libopenbeos.so be built (no

If it really annoys you, do it, but I'd actually rather see the build rules
for libopenbeos be moved to src/tests/kits/Jamfile just analog to how it was
done for the test app server.

Yep, that's what I had in mind. :-)

Really? OK then...

I misread! :-) didn't see "tests/". :-) NO, I pretty much oppose to this. It takes *too long* to build the tests!

- app_server be built in src/servers/app no matter the platform.

Please don't.

Why not? A if($(TARGET_PLATFORM) == haiku) { ... } else { ... } in src/servers/app/Jamfile would solve my problem.

Moving the test app server build stuff out of that Jamfile considerably cleaned it up, making it far more readable.

Come on Ingo :-), the Jamfile was/is so small that an if statement is a minor change.

Well, add your "if $(TARGET_PLATFORM) = haiku {...} else {...}" but please only put a

  LocalDepends all : haiku_app_server ;

in the "else" branch, not anything from src/tests/servers/app/Jamfile. Note, that this will be reverted with the new build system. There you'll have a local settings file, where you can do things like that.

OK, thanks! If I'll have any trouble I'll write to you in private.

Thanks, Adi.

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