[haiku-appserver] Re: progress and status

  • From: Stefano Ceccherini <burton666@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-appserver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 18 May 2005 07:09:00 -0000

>       I had long ones about 2 years ago. :-)

Well, me too, Marc is a friend. :)
>       Yes, in the looper thread too.
>       A flush occurs when:
>- Flush() or Sync() is called.
>- when the current message that is being composed does not >fill in the 
>remaining space of the send buffer. (complete commands that >are in this 
>buffer are sent and the one being constructed is copied at >the start of 
>buffer - at least that's how I remember it)

Ok, but are we flushing periodically ? I would think we are not, as some things 
(like for example the blinking caret in BTextView) don't work unless we flush 
every time.

>       We have better. Our messages will be buffered just >like in R5, but 
>what's nicer is that they are complete.

Maybe I didn't explain it well, but doesnt' matter right now.
I'll go back on this subject another time, as it doesn't limit  what we can do 
(at least, judging by what you said).
>       We can. And we do that. ;-)

See above.

>       You can talk with me and DW as we both know pretty >well how this stuff 

Sorry, didn't mean to minimize your knowledge on this subject :)

>       You need to have UpdateIfNeeded() working, or what? To >implement this 
>method we need to enqueue all messages from BWindow/BLooper's >port into 
>BLooper's MessageQueue() and search for _UPDATE_ message. >There must be 
>only one! Then simply do exactly what 
>BWindow::DispatchMessage()::case_UPDATE_ does - call Draw() >where it's 
>needed. In other words: we take the _UPDATE_ message and >process it NOW!

Can you have a look at my latest commit in BView::GetMouse() ? I left a todo. 
I'm not sure we should call DispatchMessage() in there. BTW, it's still not 
working as it should, and since you wrote that code... (did you ? :)))

>       Hope this clears things a bit. If I'm totally off, >then please explain 
>what is it you want.

Nonono, you're definitely on the right track :)

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