[haiku-appserver] Re: progress and status

  • From: "DarkWyrm" <bpmagic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-appserver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 18:33:17 -0400 EDT

> Hi all,
> we've come pretty far. :-) In fact, I think we're not _that_ far away 
> from announcing some kind of a milestone! The hard work of so many 
> people is /showing/ some results in the literal meaning of the word. 
> :-
> )
I agree completely. It's hard for me to keep up with you and Adi doing 
so much.

> I see the following things which need to get fixed or implemented 
> before an announcement: (of course, the list is open for discussion 
> as 
> well as *if* we should announce something at all...)

> - finding out why BMenus don't work (might be hard)
> - redrawing only views which get invalidated, not all their children 
> as 
> well (cosmetical)
> - handling B_FULL_UPDATE_ON_RESIZE (should be easy, Adi would know)
> - watching out for BView::ViewColor() == B_TRANSPARENT_COLOR (small 
> fix)
> - fixing DisplayDriverPainter::StringWidth() to support whitespaces 
> (me)
> - implementing the B_ASYNCHRONOUS_CONTROLS version of mouse handling 
> in 
> BTextView (should be easy)
> - fixing some cosmetical glitches in BTextView
> Things which I think are not *that* important for a first milestone:
> - drawing bitmaps (never tested)
> - support for views attached to bitmaps (completely missing yet?)
Bitmap support isn't all that important, but it shouldn't be all that 
difficult, either. Most of the BBitmap code is there, already, from 
allocation to DrawBitmap. The actual allocation and freeing of BBitmaps 
was something that I tested and it worked quite some time ago. It may 
have been broken by all the different changes that have been made, but 
it would likely only need a little tweaking to fix it in such a case. 
View-attached BBitmaps may take a little work.

> For a demonstration, I envision some kind of test app with different 
> kinds of controls in it, which also demonstrates that these actually 
> work with messaging and all.
mphipps wants us to do that very thing. I've been meaning to mention 
it, but I've been forgetting to. Something to demonstrate/user test 
each of the GUI controls. The different kinds of controls should 
probably be on different tabs, as well.

> In order to be able to push back bitmap attached views for later, we 
> should review some of the controls that currently use offscreen 
> bitmaps 
> to draw into. Bitmaps with views attached are quite a heavy resource. 
> With a lot of such controls (think many BSliders), you can get into 
> trouble (talking about R5). Back in the days, Be acknowledged the 
> problem and promised BSliders with direct drawing. Flickering is *not
> * 
> a problem which can only be solved with an offscreen bitmap. It can 
> also be solved by taking a little more care in the Draw() 
> implementation and which parts exactly to invalidate within a 
> control. 
> In fact, the only case where flickering cannot be avoided is when 
> drawing text. However, the label of a control seldomly needs 
> redrawing.
> Anything else I have forgotten?
Testing with regular applications would be a good thing. All that needs 
to be done is to make a BeIDE project with whatever regular sources you 
want plus ColorUtils.cc, PortLink, and LinkMsgReader/Writer, and then 
set the include paths to the ones in the tree. Libraries need to be 
libopenbeos instead of libbe (obviously). Once you've got all that, 
dump in whatever sources you want. 

For example, ButtonWorld doesn't work right yet - clicking the button 
makes it disappear and then reappear on mouse up. The window title 
doesn't get updated, either. When resizing, the window tab isn't 
resized when the window width is less than the tab's width.

I know what we need for a milestone: the Haiku Terminal. mphipps was 
asking about it in the admin meeting, so I tried it out. This is what I 
got: http://darkwyrm.beemulated.net/terminal.png

It works, but selection is wonky and redraw obviously doesn't work very 
well, but it actually works under R5 in the server.  I'd like to see if 
we can push to getting it looking better. I can live with bugs, but IMO 
a screenshot's gotta look at least OK for public consumption when news 
breaks. Anyone have any objections to this?


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