[haiku-appserver] Re: new drawing bug

  • From: Adi Oanca <adioanca@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-appserver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2005 10:02:35 +0200

Hi Stephan,

Stephan Aßmus wrote:
IIRC, BMenuField, specifically the custom BMenuBar it uses, uses PushState() which would make for three states on the stack during drawing. I don't think it is used anywhere else in the controls drawing code. This problem might be related to DrawStates and my fix for "origin" yesterday. I don't know when I have time to look into this myself, so feel free to do it. BTW, yesterday I tried to separate DrawState::fOrigin from scrolling the bounds rectangle (reenabling and using Layer::fBoundsLeftTop). It didn't work the way I intended so I simply gave up for now.

I tried that a couple weeks ago, when we had the scrolling problem and worked for me. At that moment I was trying to solve the scrolling stuff, and when I saw the problem was still there, I gave up too.
Not completely though :-), because you know I realized there something wrong with our method of getting bounds rect and wrote to you.

But sometimes soon, we need to figure out this whole origin + scale versus scrolling offset business. I would like to test some more under R5. For example, does BView::SetOrigin() and SetScale() have any effect on mouse coords? And how exactly is Bounds() affected. I simply never tried that.

I tested some this stuff before I wrote to you, if you want to discuss, you know where to find me/us. :-)

bye, Adi.

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