[haiku-appserver] Re: nVidia hardware known options for new features (R2?)

  • From: "Rudolf" <drivers.be-hold@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-appserver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 21:41:49 +0100 CET

Hi again :-)

> I realize that I might not have a clue what you're actually doing. 
> Which 
> nodes are you trying to plug into each other and for what purpose - 
> and 
> which are your own? Just a short description would suffice. :-)

It's quite simple.
Using MK mediaplayer which only plays back using video consumer nodes 
(not on a normal window). It contains a producer node AFAIK.
The mediaplayer must use an external means of decoding video (mediakit) 
as I can't find code for it in the player. It's quite small.

The only thing _I_ am doing is poking around in a video consumer node 
that Kevin Patterson created for BeTVOut. (just like the MK (== media 
kit) player.)
I am modifying/rewriting the node to be a general node able to use non-
primary graphics cards in any system for outputting fullscreen video 
there that gets fed into the node.
Don't ask me for the exact source of the video: I know nothing about 
this yet. I _do_ like to know a bit more about it though, to be able to 
ascertain for sure that for instance that Y_CbCr422 'problem' isn't 
caused by me somehow.
And, I have been asked once to setup a MPEG2 decoder for YT. For this I 
need to know the way the system's internal decoders work. Only, I was 
under the impression that this wasn't documented nor known (apart from 
inside the 3ivX group obviously).
BTW: that MPEG2 decoder could be done as opensource for VIA, as it's 
known how the hardware engine works on CLE266.

However, YT said two times to me that headers are included with Zeta. 
So, a wondering guy as I am, I started thinking: what if this decoder 
thing is just a non-raw-video node that has a coded input, and a 
decoded output?

Anyway: around that time I started asking here. The rest you know :-)


Oh, the node will be using scaled_filtered_blits to display video. 
Currently it just plays 1:1 on a (part of a) screen using RGB16 or 32, 
or it plays fullscreen (scaled up) using overlay but obviously big_time 
messed up coloring :).
(as I tell 'the system' I am wanting RGB16 input while I process it as 
being B_YCbCr422 format).

Hope this helps out. Any hints are appreciated.

Best regards, and keep up the good work guys! (redrawing indeed works 
much faster on native Hiaku now :-) And it keeps getting more and more 
stable over here. And I can switch modes nicely :-) Although sometimes 
redraws were missing. 

And starting Haiku has about a 30-50% chance of having working KB and 
mouse input.. :-/
(dual P3-500 as axel has I think).

Bye! 8-)


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