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  • From: "Rudolf" <drivers.be-hold@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-appserver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2004 23:53:24 GMT

Hi everyone,

First off, thanks for inviting me on the list.
We'll just have to see if I can mean anything here, as my knowledge is 
mostly limited to graphicsdrivers only, especially the current BeOS 
setup (R5).
I am (going to be) looking closely at parts of openGL, MESA, DRI and 
utahGLX this coming fall and winter to see if I can grasp how a 3d-
addon driver works, and if I can fix-up something for the openGL.so lib 
from MESA on BeOS that accelerates stuff on nVidia hardware. I will be 
looking closely at the opensource utahGLX 3d nVidia driver (written for 
NV10, GeForce256 or there about) to see what it does, and what it would 
take to get it working (with or without rewrite or mods) on BeOS, in 
combination with my current 2D nVidia driver.

It's a learning project for me personally, that no doubt will be ugly 
to begin with, and should be setup differently later on. Maybe at some 
point I could indeed get the DRI 'interface' working over here, so we 
could use linux closed source drivers written by nVidia themselves: but 
this is not my goal at this point. It's just learning, and having fun 
in doing that :-)
The plan is to work at least two full days a week on this stuff, I have 
managed to get my payed job contract to remain as it is, so I indeed 
have this time (if all goes right of course). Mind though that it might 
turn out, it's just too complicated for me, and I might abort at some 
point: but I just _need_ to try.

But for now: I'm off on holiday (I saw you guys just came back ;-).
-> I first need to finish the neomagic driver (most info is there, 
should be doable in not too much time now);
->Then I am going to setup some BIOS stuff for the nVidia driver (info 
just came up that suddenly gives me a lot of coldstart related info!)
->Then this 3D stuff: the other two things just need to be done, while 
this thing sounds like a real challenge and a lot of fun 8-)

OK, I just thought I'd let you know this.

Best regards,

Rudolf Cornelissen.

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