[haiku-appserver] haiku MTRR setup

  • From: "Rudolf" <drivers.be-hold@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-appserver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 23:18:35 +0100 CET

Hi there,

I might be in the wrong place here, but what's known on the Haiku MTRR 
features setup? Do we have something yet?
For instance: Dano/Zeta has modules for this in a folder named 'cpu/' 
somewhere (loaded by the app_server AFAIK). There is a general module, 
and three submodules for Intel, AMD and another manufacturor. R5 seems 
to have a app_Server internal solution(?)

Some info:
memory type range registers (so MTRR), the WC feature (Write_combining) 
is used for mapping the graphicscards framebuffer. This increases speed 
by say 140-200% by using burst writes or so. Only if WC is in use, AGP 
FW will further speedup access: without WC,  AGP-FW has no influence on 

I think Be never published the interface to the MTR module(s) as it's 
only in Dano officially.

So: we need to setup something at some point, and I would go for 
modules indeed. We could come up with our own interface if no other 
option exists, as we also write our own app_server. In the end the 
whole would be compatible to R5, although the modules themselves will 
not be useable as drop-ins for Dano/Zeta.

The immediate reason for me to ask questions at this time, is that I 
find myself looking into the subject because of missing VIA CPU MTRR 
support. BTW: I saw a driver on BeBits for some AMD CPU's that setup 
those MTRR's. This is a hack which requires the user to have a settings 
file that feeds this driver the location of the framebuffer, so it's 
mapping can use MTRR. The author obviously also had no access to Be 

Thanks for any hints/pointers/suggestions someone might have..


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