[haiku-appserver] Re: floating window oddity

  • From: "Jonathan Thompson" <jonathanthompson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 04:57:25 -0800

However logically flawed it may seem BeOS 5.03 treats those floating windows
for activation/drawing states, the reality is that the goal of Haiku R1 is
supposed to be backwards compatible with BeOS 5.03.  I don't know if there
are currently applications that count on this behavior or not, but there may
very well be.  Frankly, things that act different than normal windows should
be drawn different than normal windows: there might actually be a logical
consistency in BeOS 5.03 in that manner, given the set of flags involved.
That is, they're drawn active, even though they avoid focus, but because
they're floating (IIRC which means they may have a different border style,
usually) they're active while being inactive.

Consider this for a B_AVOID_FOCUS floating window: what if it was intended
to be a window specifically floating above a certain parent window at all
times, in a relative location, that always has the focus when it is the
active window?  In that case, my thoughts are that the floating
B_AVOID_FOCUS window border *should* be drawn activated when the parent
window is activated, because that floating window is logically part of that
parent window, and should appear to be part of it, instead of appearing to
be a different animal with a different activation status.

So, to eliminate any possible confusion: I believe we should replicate the
behavior of BeOS 5.03 for the GUI for Haiku R1, and in the future when
things change either in small or large ways, for backwards compatibility
perhaps allow a standard selection of old behavior with the option of new
behavior as specified in a GUI preferences panel.

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getting larger at the same rate future appears at its present rate. -
Jonathan Thompson 23/06/05 

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> Hi there,
> when using Cortex, one sees a strange feature of BeOS 
> floating windows: 
> when you set the B_AVOID_FOCUS flag, their window border 
> always signal 
> focus, ie. is activated.
> In our implementation, floating windows behave as normal windows in 
> this case, ie. the window border is never drawn activated.
> Any opinions if we should copy the BeOS behaviour? (which 
> looks better, 
> but doesn't seem to be 100% consistent)
> Bye,
>    Axel.

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