[haiku-appserver] Let's calm down

  • From: "Stephan Assmus" <superstippi@xxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-appserver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 12:54:06 +0200 CEST


Hurting someones feelings might turn out just as bad for the project as 
holding someone up from doing a certain task. I think because this is 
an open project, everybody has the same rights to do anything. If 
someone misbehaves, he should just loose write access. For example, if 
I just replaced Adis code with a much worse implementation of my own, 
without asking or anything, I should loose write access.

I have a somewhat clear idea of the requirements of the "update code", 
which is very much involved with the window manager in general, as Adi 
pointed out. I have a less clear idea about the implementation yet. And 
I have not the foggiest idea, how this is currently handled in 
app_server, and how Adi plans to make a more correct version. 
Consequently, I have no idea how long it would take me to write a 
replacement (certainly not before BeGeistert). I don't even know *if* I 
want to write a replacement. However, it is something that I think 
needs to be done on app_server. I think it even needs to be done before 
something else I would like to work on, for example testing GUI 
components under Haiku.

Adi, I certainly won't go about messing with your stuff right now. Not 
if I don't have an idea how it works or should work. If I was going to 
work on that part of app_server, I would try to start with a very 
simple test application, slowly building up the experience I need for 
the real thing. Now that sounds like pretty much the same thing as you 
guys were doing already. 

Adi, there is something much smarter you can do than to tell me to stay 
out of the way. You can tell me what you had in mind for fixing the 
problems in the update code and maybe I understand it and find the time 
to do it just as you would have done. For example, yesterday I was 
going to write the AccelerantHWInterface. It was going to be very 
similar to the AccelerantDriver. But Michael told me he would like to 
work on it. And sure enough a couple of hours later, he checked in the 
AccelerantHWInterface and it was implemented exactly like I had in mind 
how it should be done (with AccelerantBuffer and all). The same thing 
is possible with you and me and The Update Code. Obviously you have 
some ideas how you want to implement it, and I think you fear that I 
would screw this all up. Just tell me what you intended how to fix it 
and maybe I can do it. Maybe it turns out just the way you imagined it. 
And if not, you have always the chance to replace it with your more 
correct implementation. It may mean a little more communication 
overhead, but in the end it may mean we all reach our common goal 

Best regards,

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