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  • Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 20:50:36 -0800

The problem you may run into is that existing applications may depend on
those semantics, however ugly they might seem, so that something you remove
as a messed up feature turns out to become a bad dream.

Nothing like the present to plan your future to study the past, which keeps
getting larger at the same rate future appears at its present rate. -
Jonathan Thompson 23/06/05 

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> You can - click the 'Font:' menu button twice (that is, once 
> to pop open the menu and once again to close it), focus is 
> then returned to the textbox!  I agree though, this is a 
> terrible UI 'feature' and one Haiku could certainly do without... :D
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> I just wanted to add another "testcase". The settings window of the 
> FontDemo under R5 is a floating window. When you first start 
> it up, the 
> output window and the settings window look both active (tab 
> is yellow) 
> and the settings window has some kind of focus. If you click 
> inside the 
> text control to change the text it will get focus and you can write 
> away. If you now click into the output window, the settings 
> window will 
> lose it's active look (tab goes gray). Most controls still 
> work, you can 
> drag the sliders, hit the checkbox and button - but you 
> cannot get into 
> the textcontrol anymore. Clicking inside of it has no effect on the 
> focus, neither does clicking anywhere else inside the 
> settings window. 
> You have to explicitly click the tab or the border of the settings 
> window to get to the textcontrol.
> This is _very_ confusing and unintuitive. Would be great if 
> we could do 
> without copying this behaviour.
> Regards
> Michael

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