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  • Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 22:31:12 -0000

You can - click the 'Font:' menu button twice (that is, once to pop open the
menu and once again to close it), focus is then returned to the textbox!  I
agree though, this is a terrible UI 'feature' and one Haiku could certainly
do without... :D

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I just wanted to add another "testcase". The settings window of the 
FontDemo under R5 is a floating window. When you first start it up, the 
output window and the settings window look both active (tab is yellow) 
and the settings window has some kind of focus. If you click inside the 
text control to change the text it will get focus and you can write 
away. If you now click into the output window, the settings window will 
lose it's active look (tab goes gray). Most controls still work, you can 
drag the sliders, hit the checkbox and button - but you cannot get into 
the textcontrol anymore. Clicking inside of it has no effect on the 
focus, neither does clicking anywhere else inside the settings window. 
You have to explicitly click the tab or the border of the settings 
window to get to the textcontrol.
This is _very_ confusing and unintuitive. Would be great if we could do 
without copying this behaviour.


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