[haiku-appserver] Re: CPU-idle-loop and HALT instruction?

  • From: "Rudolf" <drivers.be-hold@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-appserver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 13:32:23 +0100 CET


I just removed the switch from that routine.
Unfortunately I can't test it myself as I am unable to do a full SVN 
checkout on this system (CVS worked though) :-/
(always a 'broken pipe' at some point these days)

Anyway, there's not much code to test anyway: I guess it's safe to 
assume it's OK without testing (any CPU executing that routine should 
exec hlt anyway :)


> Axel,
> > Yes, that should work, it's in src/system/kernel/arch/x86/
> > arch_cpu.c, 
> > line 455ff. :-)
> OK, I'll try to find it tomorrow :)
> > What's your exact system configuration, btw?
> P3-500 x2, ASUS P2B-D board, various graphicscards, emu10k1 audio (no 
> driver loaded on haiku though), RTL8139 network (not checked yet), 
> PS2 
> logitech mouse (tried two types, same result), logitech kb, noname 
> kb, 
> (same results).
> DVDROM, CD-writer HP 4 speed,, floppy, 512Mb ram. and firewire 
> (supported in beos)
> > > BTW: Cool we have MTRR support! I'll try it asap :)
> > 
> > I haven't added VIA support yet, due to lack of testing 
> > possibilities. 
> > You had commented out quite some things in the MTRR driver you did, 
> > I 
> > didn't want to take them over without further investigation :-)
> Rest assured that what I did is correct. Don't even _think_ about re-
> enabling those things, because the system will freeze immediately. 
> Unless you can get official docs of course, which _explicitly_ tell 
> you 
> you can do it. All disabled things were tested one by one, as usual 
> in 
> my stuff ;-)
> Ah: I don't have to tell you how it is.. :)
> BTW: VIA doesn't want to give out the info, you'll have to be _very_ 
> friendly to them. besides, the stuff I _did_ implement is confirmed 
> in 
> C3: you can find that at least in  some short-form spec.
> > Maybe you could add (or temporarily remove) a check for VIA 
> > processors 
> > in src/add-ons/kernel/cpu/x86/intel.cpp, line 138-139 and see if it 
> > just works there?
> Hmm, that would mean I first need to checkout SVN on the nimble I 
> guess, and see if I can get haiku to run on it natively. Well, I can 
> checkout svn, as I'll need that anyway to continue work on the VIA 
> gfx 
> driver (which btw still misses in the build).
> > Maybe I should just try to get their processor manual from 
> > somewhere, 
> > though :-)
> Have fun. Your best bet is to get a 'leaked' version I fear. And I 
> did 
> a quick search for it of course ;-)
> Rudolf.

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