[haiku-appserver] Re: Backbuffer access

  • From: "Mikael Jansson (mailing lists)" <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-appserver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 14:42:09 GMT

"DarkWyrm" <bpmagic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > Okay.  I was just thinking (not really knowing how the app_server 
> > is 
> > layered) that just providing the developer with a shared area or so 
> > to 
> > use. Main point, I guess, is that /if/ someone wants to provide for 
> > such a structure for the R1 app_server, it doesn't need to be 
> > completely rebuilt, just to hook it in in the approriate layer and 
> > you're set, basically.  But, like I said - I don't know the layers 
> > very 
> > well, so it's hard for me to tell.
> It wouldn't be all that hard to hack the server, really. There are a 
> few methods I was kicking around but they all basically centered 
> around 
> hooking into a certain part of the server to notify a VNC server of a 
> screen update which could then notify any clients attached. There are 
> a 
> bunch of different ways that it could be done -- tweaking 
> DisplayDriver 
> or playing around with the DispatchMessage functions in ServerApp and 
> ServerWindow are a couple I've toyed with. They could be used to do 
> the 
> notifying of the VNC server which could then notify the client(s). 
Okay, that's nice.  As for the actual protocol, I'm not sure how they 
differ, but IIRC, RDP uses "glyphs" to achieve a higher throughoutput.

Would it be possible to create a proxy that sent the app_server 
commands _themselves_ over the network to another computer sitting 
there with its own app_server and then doing the drawing?  For bitmap 
data it'll be the same as a VNC-style program, but for drawing strings, 
stroking lines, fills and such, it would be a _lot_ faster.  What would 
be neded, of course, is to have app_server running in a window on a 
BeOS/X/Win32 system.  I'm not sure how flexible app_server is in this 
regard, but would it be possible to write an accellerant that drew on 
an SDL surface?  Because in that case, we'd have a highly viable cross-
platform solution.

I hope I'm not annoying you guys too much. I appreciate the work you 
do, and I don't understand all of it, so my suggestions might be a bit 
Mikael Jansson

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