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  • Date: 16 Feb 2006 20:53:19 -0000

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>in src/kits/interface, we have BMCPrivate.cpp. It >contains some special 
>classes that deal with BMenuFields special version of >a BMenuBar. However, 
>I don't understand the purpose of _BMCItem_. All it >does is override the 
>BMenuItem::Draw() function to draw the "popup marker". >And even this only 
>if fShowPopUpMarker is true.
>I don't get it. Why is >this not done in 
>_BMCMenuBar_::Draw()? Will I break anything if I >change this? Where are 
>_BMCItem_ instantiated at all?

in MenuField.cpp:
fMenuBar->AddItem(new _BMCItem_(menu));

At the moment I can't see a good reason why it's done like this. OTOH, there 
might be a reason I don't see.
You can try to change it. If it breaks something we can revert to the previous 
version anyway.

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