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  • Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2008 14:46:41 +0800

On top of Hadoop 支援 ANSI SQL 的系統,
有興趣的人可以研究看看, 這個應該可是可直接 support 線上 query 的.

Yi-Kai Tsai (cuma) <yikai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Asia Regional Search Engineering.

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We have released 1.1 version of CloudBase on sourceforge-

[ CloudBase is a data warehouse system built on top of Hadoop's Map-Reduce
architecture. It uses ANSI SQL as its query language and comes with a JDBC
driver. It is developed by Business.com and is released to open source
community under GNU GPL license]

Please give it a try and send us your feedback on CloudBase users group-


Release notes-
Following new features have been added in this release-

* Optimized Join algorithm
* Full support for SQL NULLs
* IS NULL and IS NOT NULL statements
* NVL and ISNULL functions
* Regression test suite
* BETWEEN statement
* CASE statement
* CASE conditional statement
* INSERT statement to load data into existent CloudBase table from local
* CONVERT function to convert expression of one data type to another
* Clause added to DROP Statement to not delete data on table drop
* Amazon AMI for CloudBase

Following bugs have been fixed in this release-

* Make table names and column names CASE INSENSITIVE
* Top N clause was not working
* SELECT * FROM table does not return columns in order
* Date addition/subtraction was not working
* SELECT t1.* FROM t1 INNER JOIN t2 ... returns all columns of t1 and t2
* ORDER BY clause fails if column has NULL values
* SELECT * INTO new_table FROM old_table- the new_table is not created in
cloudbase/data directory
* INSERT * INTO new_table ( SELECT * FROM old_table) fails when new_table's
column sep is TAB ('\t)
* SELECT * INTO new_table ( query ) - does not check if new_table already
* SELECT c1, COUNT(*), SUM( DISTINCT c2) FROM table1 GROUP BY c1- throws NPE
* VIEWS are not shown SQUIRREL
* VIEW's SQL is not shown in Squirrel
* CloudBase keywords, string functions and datetime functions are not showin
in Squirrel
* SELECT col FROM tablename- returns NULL if col's data type is DOUBLE
* Time part of the DateTime data type is not showin in Squirrel

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