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I just got back from cocering it up. I'm glad to see members taking initiative 
but where shop security is involved any changes, esp. To door/physical access 
need prior council ok.

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On Jun 1, 2012, at 1:26 PM, Elijah Richter <elirichter@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Is the plastic see through or textured?  While I think it'll be nice to get 
> some light through that door, and also be able to tell is someone is outside 
> it, I don't like the idea of someone being able to look in and see our stuff 
> while we're not there, or see if someone is alone in the shop... I'm not 
> completely against the idea, but if it's clear, we should figure out a way to 
> obscure the view.
> -Eli
> On Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 11:13 AM, Sarita Taub <ssimonisme@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> UPDATE on the RFID project:
> I have torn off the old wood & tin covering on the Door window, bought & cut 
> some Optix to make window panes (had enough to make an extra) & installed 
> one, and bought two junction boxes which I left on the main table for 
> approval.  I still have the receipts for the junction boxes if you guys don't 
> like them so returning those shouldn't be a problem.  I can get smaller ones 
> if you wish.
> Reason why I did this:  someone has to keep the ball rolling on this project, 
> might as well be me.  If I stepped on toes (yet again), I'm sorry.  I'm just 
> trying to get it done.  Why the Optix window pane?  Better than the wood & 
> tin barrier that was up there, and we can affix the RFID Housing to it using 
> appropriate cements/sealants.
> Sarita
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> > Did we ever get one?  Should I do so now?  If so, would a 6"×6"×4" junction 
> box work?
> My recollection is that we never had a project box lined up for the
> arduino part of things, though Matt or other members might remember
> differently.
> I think we have enough resources in the shop to re-use or make one, so
> I don't think a new purchase is called for, if that's what you're
> asking?
> IIRC form the last discussion I heard, it was suggested that we
> could/might use a DB-<mumble mumble> for the power, RFID connection,
> and door latch connection, which will give us a keyed
> connect/disconnect when we need to pull the unit off temporarily to
> reprogram/update it; the enclosure will also need to allow access to
> the USB port.
> Scope creep has kept this project unfinished for years, literally, so
> a working project box trumps pie-in-the-sky. If somehow we really
> can't make/repurpose one from the shop, we should buy one; at the
> moment, I'm skeptical that 'buy one' is the right option. :-)
> -=D

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