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On 10/27/10 21:06, Mandy wrote:
FWIW, April Gruver did the cupcakes for our wedding... Vanilla has the
best cupcake in town if you ask me.  Plus she's uber-cool and friendly.

April's a hardcore pastry chef and I think that's why her cupcakes are so much better than Dozen's. I normally don't eat wheat, but I've tried cupcakes from Dozen and Vanilla and April has both the cake and the toppings nailed.

Haven't been to Salt of the Earth but I hear so much goodness.

Kevin is an extremely nerdy chef, into both high-tech cooking and local/seasonal ingredients. It's not cheap but it's a really fun experience if you're willing to have an open mind about what you're eating. On the other hand, he's super busy right now. We've been trying to get him to speak at dorkbot for a year or so, but opening Salt has him in the weeds.

Asking them in really takes it to new proportions... and Jet I agree
with you that could be major PR.

Yeah, and this is one of those "plan it six months out" events so you can make sure you get plenty of media attention from City Paper, et al.

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